Navigation can be called both, the science and art of traveling from one point to another. Humans have always devised various methods to overcome the challenges associated with traveling and navigation. Now we have GPS and satellite navigation systems. But the history goes back to the time when people walked and used very primitive modes of boats and horses etc. for traveling.

If any time-traveler comes to today’s world and sees the boats displayed in

4yachts, then he will be justified in thinking the modern generation as a genius and amazing innovators. These boats are equipped with all the modern navigational tools.

As far as the history is concerned, we know that the sailors used to stay close to the shorelines and kept track of directions using natural signs like the stars and sun and moon. Their boats were also small and could not travel far so the navigation in shallow waters in nearby areas was not so difficult. Slowly the boats became bigger. They started being used for commercial and trading purposes. They would also use landmarks on the shorelines to ensure that they did not lose sight of their destination. Major constellations like the big bear would help in determining the direction. Similarly, natural movements of the birds would help them to go towards land.

After the compass was invented and some kind of cartography was developed, navigation became a lot simpler for the sailors. But even now many sailors assumed and believed that earth was flat. The sun, moon, and stars were still a big part of the navigation process.

Telescope, periscope, and sextants had a great part in the sailors deciding and following a particular direction. Winds and currents played a significant part in the way ships moved so the sailors had to learn to understand the climate and weather conditions before they could plan their course of travel.

Today captains have the latest electronic gadgets to check their progress and calculate and chart their travel itinerary. The shipping industry has seen this progress through the innovation and inventions done by science and technology.

Technology has heavily penetrated our day to day lives. Kids today get exposed to too much tech right at a very young age. Every parent has a different perspective when it comes to using tech. There are some parents who allow their kids to play with the smartphone or tablet right at a very young age. Then there are those who do not allow children even to watch television. Extreme cases like total neglect on children using tech and withholding all the information and exposure can both be harmful to the parents and for kids.

The key is to attain a balance

It is an undeniable fact that smartphones and other personal gadgets can get addictive. Even we adults sometimes find ourselves glued to these devices losing track of time. This can lead to a drop in productivity. The same applies to kids as well. Also when kids watch television or use the smartphones they blink less often which then leads to dryness in the eyes. And the blue light from smartphones is also known to be harmful in the long run. But at the same time, with most people offering remote support and staying connected with work even from home it is hard to give up on smartphones and laptops. And with so many new concepts being introduced to kids at school, finding all the required study materials without the use of internet gets pretty difficult. So tech is indispensable in most cases. The crux of smart use of tech by both parents and the children is to draw that thin but well-defined line between using tech and overusing it. If your kids do love to play games on their gaming consoles, allow them to play for a while and then take them out to play real games outdoor. Get them some of the best interactive toys which suit their age and their interests. Starwalkkids can give you more ideas about the best toys to buy.…

Technology has made a lot of changes in the way we work.  Read on to know more:

Staying connected:  Those days it was not possible to stay connected with employees while on travel.  Taking those urgent critical decisions in the absence of boss literally delayed and resulted in the loss of opportunities.  Nowadays with the help of the internet, staying connected is very easy.  Hence speedy functioning is made smooth. Paper usage is reducing.  Mails have become the authenticated way of communicating everything right from day to day business to important policy decisions.

No need for physical office:  Technology has reduced the necessity of having an office.  One can work from home at flexible timings.  For doing a business, one need not own goods or take up production activity.  New occupation profiles like online arbitrage sourcing have made huge earning opportunities easy.

Speed and efficiency:  Technology has automated everything.  Right from production to sales every aspect is using technological aspects like robotics, online selling and online settlement of the transaction.  Customer no longer stands in long queues in the billing counters.  This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.

Less travel:  Technology has reduced travel.  One can use webinars, video conferencing etc and hence travels are reduced.  Physical presence is no longer inevitable.  Better communication across geographical borders is possible by just a click.

More meaningful data analysis:  The same business data was always available for years.  But technology has made the analysis of data in a more meaningful way.  Details of prices, competitors etc can be analyzed to make more effective business strategies.  Consumer behavior prediction is made simple.  Data science is of prime importance and corporates invest considerably in this new science to win over the market.  This has redefined the skill requirement and the way we work.

Regtech revolutions refer to the automation of the due diligence wherein the data used could be tailored to the business’s risk-based approach.  It’s a new field which uses information technology to better enhance the regulatory processes. It helps in regulatory monitoring, compliance, and reporting. The main objectives of the regtech are:

  • To enhance consistency, transparency and then standardize the regulatory processes
  • To offer high quality a low cost
  • To deliver better interpretations of complex regulations

Influence in business                                                                 

With the emergence of the regtech solutions, the organizations are benefitted from the mobile and online transaction from investments, payments, insurance and so on.  The capital could be used more efficiently as the risks are removed from the process because of the new verification and identification tools like the video verification of identity by Fully Verified. Also, the regtech solutions help in removing the tedious issues which some regulations have added into the system.

Your business could get ahead of the competitors who have not still considered using the regtech solutions. This is because the regtech delivers insights and intelligence to react quickly to the ongoing changes in the regulatory system.

The regtech solutions are incorporating the machine learning which shows the data could be disseminated and complied quickly.

By adopting the regtech solutions the business would benefit in various departments beyond the finance department. For instance, the data collected would be used for the purpose of marketing as the data could act as guidance on the user behavior.  The campaigns conducted could be improved by a great deal to better address the user behavior and the customer service team could also asses how they could enhance overall customer experience. In addition to this, the data collected through the process of regtech process could be effectively used for market research studies.…

Who would have once thought that certain bacteria are good for us while others could make us suffer or that certain sciences can ease our life and help us live better and more comfortable? This is when you say thanks to technology, a real lifesaver, and an efficient solution delivery system.

Further, technology has increased its reach in the food industry these days, which is making advances in this field at a rapid rate and increasing our awareness about what we eat and think of food.

Here is a preview of 5 different ways how technology has changed the face of the food industry.

  1. Technology has and is continuing to play a great role in the food industry right from the point of food production through agricultural activities. Technology is helping farmers to pinpoint nutrient-rich soils, irrigate smartly, and cultivate efficiently. In addition, drones are also contributing to better agricultural practices.
  2. Further, the introduction of genetically modified crops and 3D printed foods has changed the way food can be synthetically produced. Moreover, people and the local government have started promoting local with the help of online tools and application.
  3. Technology is also helping us reduce food waste. In most houses, at least 20 to 30% of the food products is wasted because these food items are deemed inconsumable. Moreover, even big food companies discard food products for several reasons including lack of appeal or unfit for consumption. However, with growing problems of food shortage around the world, technology has shown us how we can make better use of discarded food produce by freezing or dehydrating it for longer shelf life.
  4. In addition, technology is enabling people to shop for cheaper but quality grocery that is delivered at your doorstep with the help of online forums that offer online coupons, promos, discounts, and bulk offers such as Couponobox.
  5. Apart from making food purchases, technology has also shown us ways on how to track what we eat through specially created diet apps that calculate the number of calories consumed and what we should do to improve our regular diet to shift to a healthier lifestyle.

When its summer ti3me, it’s not just the days that are bright and sunny, but our moods are too. Many look forward to the warm days where they can relax, walk around freely and just take in the fresh air.

Just like us people, the birds and animals are happy to be out of the biting cold too. And when the birds come out, comes the issue of keeping all surfaces clean and preventing the birds from nesting in nooks and corners of your house. If you are living in Edinburgh, you are well aware of this issue can always get help from bird control Edinburgh.

Wondering what else is there for you to take care on the home front for this summer? Here is a shopping list to guide you through:

On The Home Front

  • For your house this summer, you can buy the following:
  • Fresh colorful flowers to adorn your garden area to make it look lively after the cold winter
  • A hammock to relax in and make your backyard look inviting this summer
  • A makeshift swimming pool if you don’t have a pool and have space so that the kids can have some splash time
  • A bird bath to quench the thirst of the poor birds that have to fly in the scorching sun

On The Personal Front

  • When it is summer time, it is time to flaunt your wardrobe too. Here is how you can do it:
  • Buy some colorful cotton-based clothes (some halter neck tops and skirts or shorts) that will look bright this summer also let your skin breathe
  • Some fancy flip flops to go along with your summer day clothes
  • A cane bag to add more summer touch to your wardrobe
  • Some sunglasses to protect your eyes. Browse online or through the shops to see what models are new and what would suit your face
  • Few pieces of accessories as you can show them off. There is no jacket hiding them anymore.

Technology has changed the way in which we see the world. From van leasing to social media, technology has penetrated almost all the aspects of our lives.

New habits

Technology has become a habit now. A day without internet or smartphone is unimaginable. Using apps and being connected to social networking sites has become a necessity.

The world has come closer

Technology has bought the world closer. Today it takes seconds to call up someone gets in touch with one who is sitting at the other end of the globe.


Technology has become an addiction. From gaming apps to social media sites, all this is an addiction. However, the best part is that these are not something that is a disadvantage because these apps have a lot of learning to offer.

Education system

The education system has seen a big jump with the use of technology. From applying to international colleges to attending online courses, technology has made everything possible.


Gone are the days when letters were the only option to get in touch with near and dear ones. Technology has made it possible to get in touch with our family sitting in some other part of the world. Not just talking but video calling is also a reality now.


Be it the best brands or grocery shopping, technology has made it easy to shop for anything sitting at home.

Transfer money

All that it takes is a few clicks on the app to transfer money from one account to the other using technology.

Watching movies

Now you do not have to wait for the TV to air a movie or to go to the movie theater to see a movie. Just open the app and watch the movie of your choice.


It is easy to travel with technology. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, everything can be done on the internet.


Now no more getting lost with technology.GPSserviceshave made it easy to travel even to the most remote places.


Dating has been made easy with technology. Add them to your social media sites or chat with your date online.…