Technology has changed the way in which we see the world. From van leasing to social media, technology has penetrated almost all the aspects of our lives.

New habits

Technology has become a habit now. A day without internet or smartphone is unimaginable. Using apps and being connected to social networking sites has become a necessity.

The world has come closer

Technology has bought the world closer. Today it takes seconds to call up someone gets in touch with one who is sitting at the other end of the globe.


Technology has become an addiction. From gaming apps to social media sites, all this is an addiction. However, the best part is that these are not something that is a disadvantage because these apps have a lot of learning to offer.

Education system

The education system has seen a big jump with the use of technology. From applying to international colleges to attending online courses, technology has made everything possible.


Gone are the days when letters were the only option to get in touch with near and dear ones. Technology has made it possible to get in touch with our family sitting in some other part of the world. Not just talking but video calling is also a reality now.


Be it the best brands or grocery shopping, technology has made it easy to shop for anything sitting at home.

Transfer money

All that it takes is a few clicks on the app to transfer money from one account to the other using technology.

Watching movies

Now you do not have to wait for the TV to air a movie or to go to the movie theater to see a movie. Just open the app and watch the movie of your choice.


It is easy to travel with technology. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, everything can be done on the internet.


Now no more getting lost with technology.GPSserviceshave made it easy to travel even to the most remote places.


Dating has been made easy with technology. Add them to your social media sites or chat with your date online.…