Who would have once thought that certain bacteria are good for us while others could make us suffer or that certain sciences can ease our life and help us live better and more comfortable? This is when you say thanks to technology, a real lifesaver, and an efficient solution delivery system.

Further, technology has increased its reach in the food industry these days, which is making advances in this field at a rapid rate and increasing our awareness about what we eat and think of food.

Here is a preview of 5 different ways how technology has changed the face of the food industry.

  1. Technology has and is continuing to play a great role in the food industry right from the point of food production through agricultural activities. Technology is helping farmers to pinpoint nutrient-rich soils, irrigate smartly, and cultivate efficiently. In addition, drones are also contributing to better agricultural practices.
  2. Further, the introduction of genetically modified crops and 3D printed foods has changed the way food can be synthetically produced. Moreover, people and the local government have started promoting local with the help of online tools and application.
  3. Technology is also helping us reduce food waste. In most houses, at least 20 to 30% of the food products is wasted because these food items are deemed inconsumable. Moreover, even big food companies discard food products for several reasons including lack of appeal or unfit for consumption. However, with growing problems of food shortage around the world, technology has shown us how we can make better use of discarded food produce by freezing or dehydrating it for longer shelf life.
  4. In addition, technology is enabling people to shop for cheaper but quality grocery that is delivered at your doorstep with the help of online forums that offer online coupons, promos, discounts, and bulk offers such as Couponobox.
  5. Apart from making food purchases, technology has also shown us ways on how to track what we eat through specially created diet apps that calculate the number of calories consumed and what we should do to improve our regular diet to shift to a healthier lifestyle.