Technology has made a lot of changes in the way we work.  Read on to know more:

Staying connected:  Those days it was not possible to stay connected with employees while on travel.  Taking those urgent critical decisions in the absence of boss literally delayed and resulted in the loss of opportunities.  Nowadays with the help of the internet, staying connected is very easy.  Hence speedy functioning is made smooth. Paper usage is reducing.  Mails have become the authenticated way of communicating everything right from day to day business to important policy decisions.

No need for physical office:  Technology has reduced the necessity of having an office.  One can work from home at flexible timings.  For doing a business, one need not own goods or take up production activity.  New occupation profiles like online arbitrage sourcing have made huge earning opportunities easy.

Speed and efficiency:  Technology has automated everything.  Right from production to sales every aspect is using technological aspects like robotics, online selling and online settlement of the transaction.  Customer no longer stands in long queues in the billing counters.  This has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.

Less travel:  Technology has reduced travel.  One can use webinars, video conferencing etc and hence travels are reduced.  Physical presence is no longer inevitable.  Better communication across geographical borders is possible by just a click.

More meaningful data analysis:  The same business data was always available for years.  But technology has made the analysis of data in a more meaningful way.  Details of prices, competitors etc can be analyzed to make more effective business strategies.  Consumer behavior prediction is made simple.  Data science is of prime importance and corporates invest considerably in this new science to win over the market.  This has redefined the skill requirement and the way we work.