Imagine how delightful the driving experience would be if your car understands the language you speak.  The reality is in near future.  Read on to know the incoming tech-the voice-controlled car:

Voice control is used in the following operations in the voice-controlled car:

  1. To start the car
  2. To unlock and lock the car
  3. Provide warnings while driving like low tyre pressure, low fuel level etc.
  4. Provide information on nearest restaurant, gas station etc.
  5. When connected to wi-fi and integrated with GPS it provides directions and information on nearest landmarks and warnings against blocked roads, one-way road etc. GPS is already available in leading shops like 247Spares car parts.
  6. To automatically open and close the sunroof
  7. To open and close the boot
  8. To check oil and battery condition
  9. To check temperature control by remotely operating your air conditioner with voice command
  10. To operate the music system in the car
  11. Reverse gear warnings
  12. To warn during the rash drive
  13. Read the pattern of driving and offer tips for improving driving style to ensure vehicle life
  14. To store and remind appointments
  15. To save and read your favorite books aloud
  16. To change your playlists

The future of IoT lies in automobiles.  Using IOT and voice control you can even access your home locks, set temperature at home, switch on and off the home appliances remotely.  Voice controlled cars to get rid of your home worries.  Many times you will rush up and start driving.  On the way, you might doubt whether you had switched off the air conditioner or locked the outer door properly.  With the help of voice car, you can avoid mishappenings at home when you are not there.  Also, this does not divert your concentration on the road.  You can issue commands while you focus on the traffic and navigate.  No doubt, voice-controlled cars will rock the world of the automobile industry.