You can change Alexa to your workout partner using the following 5 skills:

Nutritionix:  You can use Alexa through the nutritionix app to know the calorie consumption you had in the whole day.  Even before consuming a glass of fresh juice, you might wonder how many calories are in the juice.  Alexa will answer brilliantly and instantly.  That way when you are about to consume pizza or French fry you can get yourself protected by reducing your consumption or totaling forgetting junk food

H20 Pal:  It facilitates inputs of your water intake.  End of the day you can ensure through Alexa whether you had sufficient water throughout the day and stayed hydrated.  If you are not so good at handling the gadgets, read for detailed steps.  You can also get complete information on other health protection aspects like diet, health tips etc.

Healthy recipes:  Next time when you wonder what to prepare in order to stay healthy, seek the guidance of Alexa.  Whether it is meat or vegetable recipe or a vegan recipe, Alexa will simply guide you through the steps.

My health coach:  You might have set various goals for work out.  But you when you have queries or lack in clarity reach out to Alexa.  You can discuss all your personal health issues and get to know more about the body.

7 Minute Workout:  You can use the 420-second instructions for effective exercises using Alexa.  It is very useful in burning fat and improves your heart pumping functions.  Alexa also has to wake up solutions so that you get ready on time to start the workout.

What else is required when you have a good pal who can offer guidance and support in your work.  You can use Alexa anytime and hence practically it gives more freedom and convenience for working out.