Kids always love technology.  The prime reasons are:

Inquisitive by nature:  Kids are inquisitive by nature.  They repeatedly ask questions till they find a satisfying answer.  Technology encourages to ask more questions indirectly and find more solutions.

Satisfies their curiosity:  Technology satisfies their curious nature.  They love observing and experimenting.  Technology encourages experimentation indirectly.

Ample time to spend:  Kids have ample free time and always want to kill boredom.  Technology entertains them with new things and makes their time spent usefully.

Love to learn new things:  Kids love to learn new things especially these amazing hoverboards for kids.  Technology provides them with an opportunity to learn new things.  It gives scope for self-learning, experimentation and learning through experience.

Kindles excitement and brings them happiness:  Technology kindles the excitement of children.  This, in turn, makes them happy and they love to repeat actions that make them happier.

Gives room for creativity and freedom:  Kids are creative by nature.  Their imagination does not have boundaries.  Technology gives more room for creativity.  It makes children feel satisfied.  Also, it provides them with more freedom to express their thoughts, innovations etc.

Feel confident and tackle peer bullying:  Technology helps is making kids feel confident by learning new things.  This helps them to tackle bullying.  This confidence makes them feel comfortable and stress-free.  All children want to imitate grown-ups and want to be like elders.  Familiarity with technology gives them the opportunity to discuss more like elders.  Once they try to use technology more and more they get a feeling of being like an elder.  So kids love learning new technology.

The quest for speed and variety:  Kids have a constant hunger for variety and they love speed.  Their mind finds more comfort in exploring colors and variety.  Technology helps them to learn a wide range of things.  Also, it helps them improve their speed and tactics of handling things.  This makes them get attracted to technology.