Today, it is not just about big and beautiful homes. Rather it comes down to how greener and smarter our homes can get. From reducing our carbon footprints to reducing our power consumption bills, technology has shown us that there is more than one way by which we can adopt greener solutions for our home improvement needs. Here is a look at the top 10 simplest methods for a greener and improved home.

  1. Solar Energy – There is nothing more giving than the Sun. It has always been present from the beginning and always on the giving end. If only we begin to appreciate this fact and adopt ways to use the sun’s energy to more productive uses, things would be a lot better. For instance, installing solar panels to fuel our homes will not only cut down on the electricity bills but also reduce pollution.
  2. Wind Power – In addition, we can also resort to ways to power our homes using wind You do not need big windmills for this. Rather technology has come up with easier and light weighted solutions that are miniature versions to generate power.
  3. Rainwater Harvesting – With less than 1% of the world’s water fit for human use, we ought to look for alternatives. One good way is to collect what nature gives us freely through rainwater harvesting during the monsoons.
  4. Gas/Solar Water Heaters – With most of taking a bath in the wee hours, warm water is necessary. Rather than spending a lot on bills, getting a water heater that is powered from solar energy or your gas line can save a lot of money.
  5. Energy-efficient Heat Pumps – One thing no house is devoid of are pumps and these things consume a lot of energy. Switching to a more energy-efficient heat pump or geothermal pumps will not only help you save money but also serves its purpose more efficiently.
  6. Smart Power-Saving Strips – With everything going smart, there are the smart strips that cut down the power supply to a device that is not in use or if it is 100% charged by sensing the demand for energy in the devices.
  7. Energy-efficient Systems – If natural energy is a class of alternatives, the other comprises of using more energy-efficient systems at our homes, which means replace your old electrical items with newer ones with better star ratings, for instance, your refrigerators, heating systems, and air conditioners.
  8. Insulation – Energy-saving devices will help you reduce your bills but what can be more beneficial and save more energy is the use of insulations. It is just like using railings or the Balkongelaender aus Edelstahl around your home to stay protected. You get two options here. One is to insulate the entire home to prevent energy from escaping. The second option is to install double pane or sealed windows over to single pane / non-energy-efficient windows.
  9. Reflective Roofing – Another way to save energy is to use materials that reflect while making the roofs of your homes. This way you get to keep your house cool and reduce dependence on cooling systems.
  10. Energy Monitors – Your work does not end with using newer energy forms and replacing the old with better ones. You need to assess the efficiency and energy monitors can help you achieve this by measuring energy consumption.