Technology has changed the way in which we see the world. From van leasing to social media, technology has penetrated almost all the aspects of our lives.

New habits

Technology has become a habit now. A day without internet or smartphone is unimaginable. Using apps and being connected to social networking sites has become a necessity.

The world has come closer

Technology has bought the world closer. Today it takes seconds to call up someone gets in touch with one who is sitting at the other end of the globe.


Technology has become an addiction. From gaming apps to social media sites, all this is an addiction. However, the best part is that these are not something that is a disadvantage because these apps have a lot of learning to offer.

Education system

The education system has seen a big jump with the use of technology. From applying to international colleges to attending online courses, technology has made everything possible.


Gone are the days when letters were the only option to get in touch with near and dear ones. Technology has made it possible to get in touch with our family sitting in some other part of the world. Not just talking but video calling is also a reality now.


Be it the best brands or grocery shopping, technology has made it easy to shop for anything sitting at home.

Transfer money

All that it takes is a few clicks on the app to transfer money from one account to the other using technology.

Watching movies

Now you do not have to wait for the TV to air a movie or to go to the movie theater to see a movie. Just open the app and watch the movie of your choice.


It is easy to travel with technology. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, everything can be done on the internet.


Now no more getting lost with technology.GPSserviceshave made it easy to travel even to the most remote places.


Dating has been made easy with technology. Add them to your social media sites or chat with your date online.…

Windows 10 has arrived. This new version is amazingly designed for the new generation and has been a mobile operating system. With the introduction of this latest software, Windows seems to conquer the world’s mode of technology. Since the release, this new version has experienced a bumpy ride so far which is mainly because of the countless innovative features it offers compared to the previous ones.

Reports say that more than a billion contributing to nearly 10 percent of the whole market population have already installed this new kind in just 5 weeks mainly because of the fact that it is free of cost. Still, if have not updated to Windows 10, here are some of the top reasons why this software is regarded as an awesome operating system.

  1. Lively and Smart Cortana: The first reason that makes it an outstanding one from others is that Window 10 is the primary unique software system to enhance a virtual and personal voice detecting assistant on its desktop, which is the Window’s anniversary gift to its users.

  1. Tablet mode Continuum and Stylus comeback: The Continuum feature automatically kicks the need for keyboards and mouse and they do include an Ink platform that makes you do more with the Microsoft Surface Pen.

  1. Face Recognition: The burden of remembering passwords is no more a requirement to log in to your Pc as Windows 10 comes with this brand-new feature that makes the login just by looking at it.


  1. The dashing Web Browser design: Microsoft has made an easy and stylish makeover for its new browser that has built-in features of Cortana app.


  1. Snap Support: This upgraded feature allows you to snap up to four apps on your screen. You can see how easy split screen windows 10 is being a very handy tool.




Those who make videos will consider drones to be a blessing because some of the most fascinating and stunning visuals can be captured by the cameras on drones. Remarkable footage of car chases, nature and magnificent landscapes which have become an integral part of videos today are all due to the drones that have become ubiquitous in filmmaking.

The quality of video that was previously available from the drone cameras was not the best but nowadays drone cameras are 4K and bring to you some of the most stunning images in crystal clear clarity. So which is the Ideal drone for making videos?

Features of an Ideal drone for videos

  1. The drone must be lightweight and have an aerodynamic design so that it can cruise across the sky seamlessly and capture stable pictures.
  2. They must have a minimum flying time of 30 minutes and a large range and ability to maneuver obstacles.
  3. You must look for a 4K HD camera or higher for high-quality visuals that are crisp.
  4. A gimbal is a must to hold the camera steady as the drone steadily pursues its object and takes sudden twists and turns; ideally, a 3 axis gimbal will do the work.
  5. GPS to track the drone and bring it back home.

Filmmakers favorite drone

One drone that is used extensively in filmmaking is the DJI Phantom 4 because of its range, battery life and the ability to capture some of the most astonishing visuals ever. It has all the prerequisites stated above along with a built-in video editor which can be used to edit your videos by adding music and text.

There are several other quadcopters and hexacopters priced steeply and with more advanced features.

You cannot use an ordinary drone for filming because these gadgets are devised exclusively to meet the demands of high-quality video.…