Cool 3D Technology in the Custom Tailor Industry

3D Technology involves Creation of 3D body model of the end user.  Based on this digital measuring technologies are used to create a perfect fit simulation model of the product.

This 3D simulation pattern can be tried virtually by the buyer and any improvement or adjustment can be made.  Once it is finalized, the design is laser cut on the fabric and stitched to make the final product.

This technology is useful not only in dresses but making shoes and handbag.  This technology will reduce cost. News like Chanel purses for cheap can soon be a reality.

Frustration due to the wrong size can be avoided..sellers.  There will be no return of sales.

Buyer has to simply give measurements, choose the material, try simulation.  The laser cut fabric will be stitched using robotics or manually.

The advantages of this technology are products can be offered very fastly to customers.  It reduces errors and avoids customers getting upset or unsatisfied due to wrong products.  People who are not comfortable to use trial rooms can feel happy.

A lot of time is saved in shopping. Also, wasteful buying can be avoided because the buyer has a deep knowledge of the final product.

For the sellers stock maintenance becomes easy.  Only the needy stock must be maintained.  Much capital will not be locked up in inventory.  Also, the supply chain is shortened.  This reduces unnecessary marketing and transportation cost.   The handling and packing costs are considerably reduced.

To the society at large, a lot of wastage is reduced.  Precious resources can be preserved.  No doubt 3D technology offers pleasant sale experience for the seller and wonderful buying experience for the end user.  Since trial and errors are avoided at both ends, customer delight will improve sales and profit.  The manufacturer will be motivated to provide more and more such delightful experiences with innovation.