Top 10 Futuristic Yachts Every Billionaire Will Want

The billionaires and the most successful businessmen will always lobe to buy a separate yacht for themselves for personal use. There are many futuristic yachts available which will have the facilities inside it like the bars, swimming pool, discotheque and much more. Let us have a look at the most luxurious yachts which every billionaire will be longing for.

  1. Project mars:

Project mars are the first and most luxurious yacht we have ever seen. It has too many facilities that every billionaire expects. It has the exciting party room, garden inside the yacht, helipad, gym and much more.

  1. Xhibitionist megayacht:

This is another yacht which is very bigger in size. This can be bought only by the multi-billionaire who runs many businesses. This will have all the needed things in it we can feel like a heaven when we travel in it. Even the billionaire will plan for a business meeting there inside the yacht.

  1. Jazz yacht:

This jazz yacht is designed by a female and she has really done a wonderful job. This is the most loved yacht by the billionaire and most of the billionaires will have the aim of buying it on their own.

  1. Project utopia:

It is really the largest yacht and the billionaire can own it and make it as their permanent home. Because it has all the features the billionaires actually need.

  1. Sovereign awesome yacht:

This yacht is specially designed for the monarchs, kings, and queens because it will look like a palace.


Thus conclude that there are lot more yachts designed by the excellent engineers which will have all the extraordinary features for the billionaires to spend their life in a very luxurious manner. Even these yachts will be available on a rental basis for some business meetings and parties. We can also check for more wonderful yachts in https://www.4yacht.com/.